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Brit European


As a privately owned business founded in 1924, Brit European is an international specialist logistics provider across a diverse range of market segments that has continually re-invented itself since pioneering through route cross channel distribution. The underlying philosophy is to work closely with our customer’s to find creative and innovative solutions for today and the future.

Diversity with Excellence

Our business ethos is all about diversity and innovation, whether it is the type of fleet we use to move our customers products, the range of services we are able to offer or indeed the way we do business. We are good at what we do and what we do is to offer solutions to the most complex of differing logistics scenarios. As a Group we have diversified to keep up with the ever changing challenges the business world puts forward.

Mission Statement

“We aim to deliver to our customers flexible and innovative logistics solutions and to continuously improve our standards of service and professionalism.

We will achieve this through the deployment of SMART technologies, by continuously reviewing and improving the processes that run our business, and by recruiting, training and motivating people who have the drive to succeed.

Our business success criteria will include the retention of our customers,improvements in the value of our service offerings to customers, a reduction in our impact on the environment and sustained profitability for continued growth in shareholder value.”

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