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Welcome to the RLC Foundation Website

If you are unfamiliar with the RLC Foundation and want to know who and what we are please take a look at the “About” page.
We hope the information in these pages gives you an idea of who we are and what we do. If you need more information or have any specific comments or suggestions please do get in touch with us at therlcfoundation@gmail.com. For any questions relating to organised events with regards to the coronavirus please contact us at therlcfoundation@gmail.com or Alan on 07770 443808.

RLC Strategy

The Royal Logistic Corps has launched a new strategy to ensure it can adapt and react to rapidly changing global and strategic influences so it can support Defence and wider commitments, from today to 2025 and beyond.
For more information on this, please take a look at our post: RLC Strategy

We are a thriving community of interest with something for everyone interested in the military logistics sector:

For Industry and Other Logistics Professionals

Whether your company or organisation has a direct interest in defence or is interested in understanding how the Army plans and delivers its logistics in volatile and challenging environments, or you have a more general interest in how the military ‘can do’ culture gets things done, then the RLC Foundation has plenty to offer you. Through its various events and online, the Foundation offers the opportunity to get to know the Army logistics community – its people and ideas, and its processes and systems.

For RLC Officers

RLC officers never stop learning – having been selected as leaders then trained to the highest standards of leadership at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, our officers embark on a career of continuous professional learning, in both leadership and logistics. There is always something to learn and the RLC Foundation provides a forum for our officers to engage informally with the wider logistics world, to create a personal network and to understand best logistics practice beyond the barrack gates. It also helps develop an understanding of how the commercial sector plays a critical, integrated role in military logistic planning and delivery

For RLC Regular Soldiers

Our RLC soldiers join the RLC to become professional logisticians in one of twelve trades, all of which train and equip them to operate in austere and highly changeable situations where the there is always a threat. The combination of military, trade skills and apprenticeships equip our soldiers to do their job no matter what and, as their career progresses, they acquire deeper and broader professional skills to complement their growing managerial and leadership skills.

The RLC Foundation offers support for soldier professional development as well as providing the opportunity to engage with the wider commercial logistics environment. By understanding how commercial logisticians operate our regular soldiers can import some best practice as well as build their own professional skills. The RLC Foundation’s network provides our soldiers with their own range of contacts to help both during their careers and when thinking of transitioning to a post-military career.

For RLC Reservists

The benefits of association with the RLC Foundation RLC reservists mirror those of the regulars. The Foundation targets commercial organisations that support reserve service and in particular the Portfolio Employment Model. Our engagement with a wide range of commercial partners may also offer significant employment opportunities for the reservist at any career stage.

For the RLC Retired Community

“Once RLC, always RLC” is the culture that we promote within the RLC – you are always part of the Corps family.

For those who have transitioned at any level into the civilian world the RLC Foundation gives you continued professional contact with the Corps. You may want to pass on the knowledge and experience of transition or of the commercial world to those about to leave full-time service. Or you may want to continue to contribute to the development of military logistics using the knowledge and skills that you have acquired since leaving. Or you may be looking to recruit RLC people into your company or organisation. Whatever the reason, the RLC Foundation is your way to stay in touch.

Corporate Members

Corporate membership provides companies an opportunity to get to know the Army logistics community better and to gain insights into military leadership and culture – even, perhaps, to de-mistify some of the military structures, language and acronyms! It also provides the opportunity to make a visible and practical contribution to improve military logistics through joint thought leadership development, sharing experiences and lessons identified from military operations, business and research. It also helps build long-term relationships with Army logisticians throughout the rank range and across all RLC trades, and to gain better insight and understanding of how the Army goes about solving logistics problems and how it looks to industry to leverage its capabilities.

Military logistics capability relies on strong military-commercial relationships and will do so increasingly into the future. By joining the RLC Foundation you will have the opportunity to forge connections with the RLC’s greatest asset, its people, and whose distinctive, proactive and energetic leadership culture may help you think differently about challenges within your own business.