About the RLC Foundation

The Royal Logistic Corps Foundation has been established under the authority of The Council for the Regimental Affairs of The Royal Logistic Corps with the purpose of promoting professional excellence within the Corps, so that its soldiers and officers can be the best military logisticians possible. It provides a focus for professional engagement with external logistics organisations from industry, academia, professional bodies and the professional media. It is part of the RLC Association Trust, a registered charity.

Our method

The points listed below give an idea of the range of methods used to achieve our objectives:

  • Sponsoring, facilitating and organising events of interest to RLC soldiers and officers and civilian logistics organisations. These may include large seminars, smaller, ‘round-table’ events, demonstrations and visits. It will also include supporting external events with expert speakers.

  • Publication of thought leadership; this may be achieved through a variety of media – The RLC Review, white papers and may include web-hosted activities such as webinars

  • Sponsoring competitions aimed at stimulating professional discussion and debate.

  • Organising prizes and awards that recognise military logistic and professional development excellence.

  • Administering other military logistics awards on behalf of other entities which support the purpose of The RLC Foundation.

  • Providing appropriate links to civilian employment opportunities through direct contact and through the Career Transition Partnership for the benefit of RLC personnel in career transition, no longer serving or in the Reserves.

RLC roles

The RLC is the Army’s professional logistics organisation. It is the largest corps in the Army and has 11,000 regular and 5,000 reserve officers and soldiers. It is organised into logistic regiments and has a national footprint that covers all parts of the UK. In addition around 40% of RLC soldiers and officers serve in all units and main headquarters across Defence. There are 12 specialisms in the Corps shown in the table below:

The RLC Foundation Board

    • Major General (retired) David Shouesmith – Chairman
    • Brigadier Martin Moore – CDCSS
    • Brigadier Stephen Shirley – Commandant of the Defence College of Logistics, Policing and Administration
    • Brigadier (retired) Mike Hickson – HS2
    • Colonel Colin Francis – Colonel RLC
    • Colonel Nigel Allison – Assistant Director Army Logistic Plans
    • Colonel SW Rayson TD – Colonel Reserves CD CSS
    • Mr Paul Glanville – DHL

    • Mr Phil O’Grady – PA Consulting

    • Mr Richard Hunt – Chairman of London Ambulance Services and Colonel of the Engineer and Logistic Staff Corps

    • Lieutenant Colonel James Sunderland – Commanding Officer 27 Regiment RLC

    • Warrant Officer Class 1 Gavin Emmerson – Senior Conductor

    • Lt Col (retired) Alan Woods – Director RLC Foundation