Instant online GP Consultations for RLC families

50% off online GP consultations for RLC families – only £10

The wait to see a GP is now over for all RLC Families. In partnership with VideoDoc, Europe’s leading online doctor service, we are offering consultations for only £10 to see a GP where and when you need to.  With no appointment necessary and consultations with a GP via an online platform (web or mobile app) there is no need to travel to the local surgery.

What does your consultation provide?

Access to a GP for you and your family with VideoDoc via web or mobile app with General Medical Council registered doctors.

With VideoDoc, you and your family can see a doctor at home or at work within minutes.  This means less time off sick, less time arranging, travelling to and attending appointments.

Your family can…

  • Receive a diagnosis and treatment plan for a range of common medical conditions
  • Get advice for cold and flu
  • Get prescriptions for most minor medical conditions
  • Get a fit note

Fnd out more about getting the most from your online GP consultation.

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When can you use the service?

The service is available every day of the week from 8am until 10pm with no appointment necessary.

How to get these benefits

The RLC Foundation is launching a special free package of a 6 month free trial for online GP consultations for RLC soldiers and officers and their families matched with 6 months complimentary membership to the RLC Foundation Benefits programme.

Simply complete the form below and VideoDoc will send you a welcome email with details of how to register you and your family for the 6 month trial.  If you are not already a member of the RLC Foundation benefits, we’ll register you for 6 months benefits membership too, worth over £500 a year.