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Corporate membership provides the opportunity for companies to get to know the Army logistics community better and to gain insights into military leadership and culture and perhaps, understand some of the acronym-rich language better! It also provides the opportunity to make a visible and practical contribution to improve military logistics through joint thought leadership development, sharing experiences and lessons identified from operations. It  offers the opportunity to build long-term relationships with Army logisticians throughout the rank range and across all RLC trades and to gain better insight and understanding of how the Army goes about solving logistics problems and how it looks to industry to leverage its capabilities. Also, there is the opportunity to share knowledge across the logistics community of interest.

Military logistics capability relies on strong military-commercial relationships and will do so increasingly into the future. By joining the RLC Foundation you will have the opportunity to forge connections with the RLC’s greatest asset, its people, who have undergone extensive leadership training and who may prompt you to think differently about aspects of your own business.

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The RLC Foundation offers businesses the opportunity to promote their brands and companies to around 16,000 high quality professional soldiers.

Each package of benefits has attendance at Foundation events and an increasing level of exposure and personalisation up to the Partner level.

For more information on each package of benefits, please see below.

Benefits when joining as a FRIEND of the Foundation

Autumn Lecture: A high profile speaker (either from a military or a commercial background but involved in a current project) presents on a specific topic of current interest and then fields questions and discussions over dinner in the Headquarters Officers’ Mess of the RLC.

Corporate Roundtable Events: A standard package of 2 attendances each year featuring guest speakers from both military and commercial backgrounds. This is followed by lunch and group/table discussions on the logistics issues and challenges mutually relevant to military and commercial logisticians and supply chain practitioners.

Log Safari: A central seminar and lunch followed by a visit to an Army training area for a live demonstration of military logistic equipment and systems and the chance to meet the soldiers who operate them.

Magazine Advert: The opportunity to raise corporate profile by placing an advert in ‘The Review’ magazine. As a member of the RLC Foundation there is the opportunity to raise the profile of your organisation amongst Army logistics professionals and the wider logistics industry.

Regiment / Trade Affiliation: The RLC has 23 Regimental and numerous sub unit locations across the UK housing both Full Time and Reserve soldiers. Each partner will get an opportunity to both host and attend a regimental event aligned to their own nominated regiment or trade.

Regional Events: The geographical footprint of RLC regiments (both regular and reserve) across the UK allows for a degree of local engagement with industry. Activities range from formal visits, work attachments and social events.

Web Avert: The new RLC website ( will provide the perfect opportunity to have a year round exposure of your brand to MOD decision makers, full time and reserve plus alumni. This is over 50,000 personnel who will regularly be visiting the website for information on careers, wellbeing and to take advantage of a new benefits offer. This advert will be placed in one of the regiment or trade sections of the website.

Work Experience Opportunities: Each regiment has a requirement to undertake secondments and shared work experience with Industry.

Additional Benefits when joining as a SUPPORTER of the Foundation

Career Mapping: This is a direct opportunity to work with the Foundation to map careers within your organisation to the skills and competencies within the RLC Trades and how the wider Army fits into these.

Promoted Case Study: A Supporter can provide a link to a case study on their own website which the RLC Foundation will promote with comments on the type and nature of roles available.

RLC Military Events: The Foundation Awards Dinner (2 guest places) is the highlight of the Foundation year; the principal host will be
the Master General of Logistics, currently Lieutenant General Mark Poffley OBE, the
 newly appointed Deputy Chief of Defence 
Staff (Military Capability). This annual event will feature a combination of entertainment and awards, set in a formal, prestige, military-style environment. Most importantly, the Foundation will present its annual awards to worthy RLC and industry winners. These awards offer the chance for military and industry logisticians to gain professional recognition of their achievements.

The RLC Cocktail Party and Beating Retreat is one of the principal RLC annual events and an opportunity to meet a wide range of military and civilian guests. It is set in the grounds of the Headquarters RLC Officers’ Mess and features the band of the RLC performing the traditional ceremony of beating retreat.

Speaker Opportunity: The RLC will offer a single speaker opportunity on the annual programme in either a seminar or workshop to each Corporate Member. This will take the form of a c20 minute presentation.

Web Editorial: There is a dedicated Industry Partner section of the website and the case study and speaking content will be used to create a full editorial (advertorial) piece which will sit in the News area of the Foundation web pages.

Additional Benefits when joining as a PARTNER of the Foundation

Advisory Board Involvement: There will be an opportunity (afternoon and dinner) to attend the advisory board strategy ‘day’ when all key topics for the following 12 months will be discussed and agreed. By rotation 5 Partner Level Members of the RLC Foundation will join the advisory board.

Article Submission: This will be into both Sustainer (500 words) and a short article (250 words) into the Review magazine which is the Annual view. Both articles can carry the partner brand image and the RLC Corporate Member level logo.

Bespoke RLC Tailored Event: The RLC
will work with a Partner to create a unique ‘event’ based either from an RLC location (recommended) or at the Partner’s chosen location. This can be offered as either an internal (employee) or external (customer) event and will be designed accordingly.

Branded Case Study: Each Partner will have a fully created and tailored case study produced for them by the RLC Foundation and customised into the template to show as an ‘in house’ produced case study. This will show as a web page and as a downloadable PDF and fully marketed on the Careers page of the RLC Foundation website.

Corporate Partners

PA ConsultingScreenshot 2016-02-23 15.59.51

We are the consulting, technology and innovation firm that uses constant curiosity and ever-evolving expertise to make a lasting impact on the world. We are PA Consulting Group. Specialising in technology and innovation, management and IT consulting, our employees operate globally across a wide range of sectors, delivering practical solutions that make the difference for our clients.

Getting exceptional results that have a lasting impact on businesses, communities and individuals is what we do. And finding fresh angles, exploring new avenues and following the unconventional path is how we do it. We are solving some of the world’s most complex problems. But where others settle for off-the-shelf solutions, we approach each challenge with fresh eyes, unconstrained thinking and a perfectly balanced team of experts handpicked for the task.

Our Defence & Securities team work closely with the Armed Forces, the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD), European Defence Ministries, the US Department of Defense (DoD), and the Defence Industry bringing together the right expertise and experience to challenge conventional thinking and deliver exceptional results.

Join us and make the difference with your career.

General DynamicsScreenshot 2016-02-24 22.18.08

General Dynamics United Kingdom Limited is a leading prime contractor and complex systems integrator working in partnership with government, military and private companies around the world.

General Dynamics UK has 50 years experience in technical leadership, manufacturing expertise and
prime contract management skills to deliver C4I communications solutions, Armoured Fighting Vehicle
(AFV) capability, avionics systems and deployable infrastructure. 

General Dynamics UK delivers avionics equipment used in rotary and fixed wing platforms, highly integrated mission and video management systems, flexible stores management systems, data link processing and video and data recorders for UK and international customers.  The Company has more than 50 years’ experience providing advanced electronic solutions for the air, maritime and land markets.

General Dynamics UK has two world-class facilities in the UK with more than 750 highly skilled members of the team. 

Wilson James

Wilson James provides safe, secure, customer-led solutions to more than 300 clients across the UK and Europe.

We have been raising standards for over 25 years across three core service lines; security, construction  logistics and aviation services.

In security, our SIA licenced security officers provide protection for a business, its assets, people and reputation.  Security experts advise on the latest security technology including CCTV, alarm systems and data, as consultants help mitigate risk whilst adding genuine value to each client.

In construction logistics, we provide a range of services to support large scale construction projects. A highly flexible approach enables us to combine the expertise of different logistics management fields such as transport, storage, material movement and people flow.

In aviation, we deliver a diverse range of services including aviation security, passenger and premium services, airport operations and construction logistics, consultancy and training.

Our vision and values underpin everything we do and guide our people to perform to their best.

Foreland ShippingScreenshot 2016-02-24 22.04.53

Foreland Shipping Limited, was a company incorporated in the United Kingdom in 1999 with the sole purpose of building 6 specially designed Roll On Roll Off (Ro-Ro’s) Ships. 2 vessels were available for commercial charter with the remaining 4 of these Ro-Ro’s contracted for a total period of 24 years from the date of build to the UK’s Ministry of Defence (“MOD”). Foreland is a special purpose vehicle and has no other activity than as Contractor under a long term Strategic Sealift
Service Concession Agreement with the MOD.

The vessels were built and delivered to the company during 2002-2003 and have specific unique design features, such as strengthened decks for the carriage of military vehicles, including main battle tanks. The 2 commercial vessels were sold during 2014 leaving the 4 contracted vessels with the MOD.

Foreland has its own independent management team, who operate the vessels on a daily basis and employ in excess of 120 British seafarers, 95% of whom are Sponsored Reserves. Foreland trains its own Cadets and Ratings, and are proud of the successful relationship that has built up with the MOD over the years since formation. Foreland is widely recognised as one of the most effective outsourced projects within Defence Supply Chain Operations and Movements (“DSCOM”).

Kuehne + Nagel

First established in 1968, Kuehne + Nagel UK is now a market-leading logistics provider with over 100 strategic locations nationwide and approximately 10,300 employees – offering a full range of supply chain solutions to anywhere in the world via air, road or sea. We also run one of the most successful contract logistics operations in the UK and are responsible for the distribution of some
of the UK’s most popular brands.

Kuehne + Nagel has a proven track record with some of the largest and best-known companies in the world. We provide integrated, value-creating solutions to the world’s major industries. With proven end-to-end supply chain expertise and dedicated industry specialists, the company fully understands what drives the various sectors, anticipating their respective logistics requirements.

Seamlessly combining its entire suite of services from across its business fields, Kuehne + Nagel develops and implements customised logistics solutions throughout the supply chain, from logistics consulting and planning right through to aftermarket services.

By transferring best practices, experience and technology developed in one sector to another, the company ensures continuous service improvement for every customer.

Our ability to tailor our services to the needs of our customers is what sets us apart from our competitors. The Contract Logistics solutions we offer showcase our ability to provide specific expertise, on a global scale.

We are the contract logistics partner of choice for logistics outsourcing and the management of complex supply chains. Our integrated services include all aspects of logistics planning, control, and execution. From point of origin to consumption, we design solutions that turn your logistics operations from a challenge into a substantial competitive advantage.

Every year, we handle more than 1,000,000 tons of airfreight spanning key international markets as well as individual transportation solutions to remote locations. We have more than 3,600 dedicated experts delivering high quality service from over 300 offices worldwide.

All our airfreight shipments are planned, controlled and measured in accordance with Cargo 2000 procedures, meaning your shipments are monitored door-to-door within our network.

Team Leidos

Team Leidos is made up of an expert team of defence and logistic specialists led by Leidos Europe Ltd with sub-contractors Leidos Supply Ltd, Kuehne + Nagel, TVS SCS, Thales, Agility and Prolinx with the sole purpose of managing the Logistic Commodities and Services (Transformation) (LCS(T)) contract, a critical effort to enhance and improve the UK’s defence supply chain.

Working with the MOD, Team Leidos will help to transform UK Defence Logistics and Supply Chain by implementing innovative concepts and practices which will reduce costs and create significant improvement to the logistic services offered to the UK Armed Forces: the storage, distribution and global freight of MOD’s materiel, and the procurement and inventory management of food, fuels, clothing, medical materiel and general supplies.

Team Leidos are working with the MOD to modernise and transform the LCS organisation into a streamlined, end-to-end commodity support chain able to meet the Operational Commanders’ requirements at the point of need. In making available comprehensive, meaningful and immediate management information, all stakeholders will be able to make informed decisions that will drive improvements in the support chain.

Our near-real-time data monitoring, reporting, and analysis will directly inform procurement decisions and allow for more accurate demand planning. The results will speak for themselves:

    inventory reduction

    Increased stock turns

    Reduced storage costs; and

    A more efficient distribution process, all resulting in considerable savings over the life of the contract.

Above all, the most important result of the changes to LCS will be the Front Line Commands getting what they need, when they need it at lower costs and improved service levels. MOD customers will be able to see accurate stock levels and stock in transit, as live data, enabling them to make better decisions. This will further increase the efficiency of the services and generate much higher customer confidence.

Team Leidos has more that 1,500 dedicated and skilled personnel working on the LCS(T) contract at both civilian and military offices across the UK.

World Fuel Services

World Fuel Services is a global leader in the logistics, management, financing, and downstream marketing of fuel and energy products for the aviation, marine, and ground transportation industries. As a major player in the global energy industry, we serve as a stable, secure partner
for suppliers and customers around the world.

Our mission is to create value for our business partners by delivering innovative solutions and logistics through a global team of local professionals. Built on a foundation of financial strength and the experience of our diverse employees, we offer a competitive advantage that is unmatched by other energy suppliers.

Our collaborative, high-performance culture is what drives our sustained growth. With teams based in 150 worldwide locations, we promote an environment where individuals thrive.


Babcock is the UK’s leading engineering support services organisation. We are trusted to manage, support and operate complex equipment and infrastructure and provide engineering, technical and training services around the world.

Our 35,000 skilled people deliver assets that are vital to both our public and private sector customers. When we’re tackling complex projects, we need employees who can rise to the challenge and help us deliver innovative engineering solutions.

Our business is incredibly diverse, so it takes a wide range of skills to deliver the quality we’re renowned for. Work with us and there’s a world of opportunity ahead of you. We offer exciting roles in the UK and internationally that’ll help you open your horizons and develop your skills.