Exercise Log Safari – 16 July 2018

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Exercise Log Safari – Monday 16 July 2018

On 16 July, the RLC Foundation hosted corporate members and colleagues from the armed forces on Ex LOG SAFARI. This type of event adds a new type of dimension to the Foundation’s ongoing commitment of bringing together logistics professionals from Industry and the armed forces. The exercise took place on the Deepcut training areas and showcased a range of RLC trades and skills. Prior to visiting the individual stand demonstrations the RLC Foundation Chairman, Maj Gen (Retd) David Shouesmith welcomed the guests and outlined the purpose of the visit. Visitors were asked to focus on how the skills and expertise within the RLC could benefit commercial organisations and whether in their view, the RLC had the correct attitudes and processes to be able to compete in the commercial sector.

Visitors were briefed on catering support and improvised field cooking initiatives by Chefs from 26 Engr Regt. There followed a demonstration by 11 EOD Regt’s bomb disposal experts and visitors had the opportunity to try on the Mk6 Bomb Suit which weighs35Kg. On display was a vast array of simulated explosives and inert ordnance which highlighted the vast range of knowledge and expertise our EOD teams must possess. An excellent curry lunch was served in the field before we visited a static display by 47 AD Sqn who highlighted the physical and operational challenges when dropping supplies by parachute to ground troops. 13AASR demonstrated the range of vehicles it uses to re-supply the air assault brigade in the field. The Oshkosh tactical fuel tanker was an instant hit with the visitors and provided for an excellent ‘selfie opportunity’. Supply specialists explained how we sustain field operations and we support our troops in peacetime and in war. 29 Regt gave an overview of Movement Control operations and the capabilities of the RLC’s Postal and Courier Operators.



Feedback from the corporate and military community on this event has been extremely positive. It gave our commercial partners a unique opportunity to talk to our soldiers about RLC trade skills within a simulated tactical field setting. A big thank you and well done to all military participants.