LOGNET – The Future Defence Logistics Customer

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LOGNET – The Future Defence Logistics Customer

The revolutionary reset of MOD Logistics following the campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan is encircled by the strategic development of the Defence Support Network (DSN). Through a series of events, LOGNET brings you the opportunity to be part of this exciting, innovative and truly transformational period in Defence Logistics. Defence Logistics is open for business and as your Defence Logistics customer we invite you to join us at our next event.

Our aim at LOGNET 16-2 is to be the intelligent customer who can feature and clarify its needs in a common language. We want to maximise the networking opportunities between Defence service providers and new businesses. LOGNET 16-2 promises to attract a network of all walks of logistic life: our national and international colleagues; private industrial and academic organisations and companies. Along with our Strategic Partners we want to connect with small and medium enterprises as well as start-ups, parachuting their ingenious solutions into service, harnessing the power of innovation with cutting-edge capacities.

The event, to be held at Park Inn Heathrow on 16th & 17th November 2016, promises to provide access to many of the world leading organisations from the Ministry of Defence to major logistics and technology firms. Crucially, throughout the LOGNET series of events and activities there will be opportunities to allow innovative businesses a voice to showcase their capabilities. LOGNET will be well attended by senior officials offering to communicate the current and future needs of Defence Logistics in order to stimulate a successful and step changing response from current and new Defence service providers. Attendance and lunch at LOGNET is free. We think you have a key role to play in our discussions, and we want to hear your ideas and best practise. To reserve your place please go to lognet.eventbrite.co.uk