MOD Logistics Challenge Launches: Submit Your Ideas

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MOD Logistics Challenge Launches: Submit Your Ideas

Si Satchanalai The Ministry of Defence has established the Force Exploration and Force Variation Testing programmes to support the design of the future structure of the Armed Forces at the next Strategic Defence and Security Review. The Force Variation Testing (FVT) programme identifies combinations of ways and means that will make the greatest difference in resolving the challenges we face.


Speaking about this initiative, General Gordon Messenger said: “Defence faces an increasingly diverse and complex range of threats and environments. To respond to these challenges we must look beyond traditional military solutions if we are to preserve or enhance our strategic advantage over the next 30 years, harnessing the expertise, imagination and ingenuity of our people across MOD, and our colleagues in academia and the private sector.” “I therefore encourage you all to engage with our primary force development programmes Force Exploration and Force Variation Testing being run by FMC Capability Strategy, who are exploring how we address the challenges and exploit the opportunities we may encounter in future operations.”

As part of the Force Variation Testing initiative, the MoD is asking for ideas that will help meet some of the logistics challenges we may face in the future. Please open the attachments below for more information: