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Foreland Shipping

Foreland Shipping Limited, was a company incorporated in the United Kingdom in 1999 with the sole purpose of building 6 specially designed Roll On Roll Off (Ro-Ro’s) Ships. 2 vessels were available for commercial charter with the remaining 4 of these Ro-Ro’s contracted for a total period of 24 years from the date of build to the UK’s Ministry of Defence (“MOD”). Foreland is a special purpose vehicle and has no other activity than as Contractor under a long term Strategic Sealift
Service Concession Agreement with the MOD.

The vessels were built and delivered to the company during 2002-2003 and have specific unique design features, such as strengthened decks for the carriage of military vehicles, including main battle tanks. The 2 commercial vessels were sold during 2014 leaving the 4 contracted vessels with the MOD.

Foreland has its own independent management team, who operate the vessels on a daily basis and employ in excess of 120 British seafarers, 95% of whom are Sponsored Reserves. Foreland trains its own Cadets and Ratings, and are proud of the successful relationship that has built up with the MOD over the years since formation. Foreland is widely recognised as one of the most effective outsourced projects within Defence Supply Chain Operations and Movements (“DSCOM”).

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