Calais disruptions create challenges
for summer supply chains.

With Operation Stack in full swing again this morning and both north and south bound carriages of the M20 full of waiting freight shipments, what is the impact on UK plc supply chains?

The FTA estimates that with over 5,500 vehicles stacked up, the cost to UK business is around £700,000 per day and the impact of inefficiency and knock-on effect for UK supply chains is some £250m per annum.

The logistics of ‘OS’ works really well and Kent police do a great job around managing issues and vehicle flows, however is it time for more radical supply chain solutions, especially as the emotional cost on all those involved is largely ignored by the British people? Our UK drivers (and some overseas counterparts) who are involved in the 2.5m vehicle movements a year, are to face our worst disruption this summer for over 10 years; as we eat our summers BBQs and holiday snacks let’s raise a vote of thanks to those who keep our country moving in adversity!

Paul Brooks