RLC Specialist Trades


The RLC has 12 direct entry trades and an additional four non-direct entry trades; Army Photographer, Systems Analyst, Driver Tank Transporter Operator and Driver Vehicle Support Specialist. From the disposal of dangerous ammunition to the movement of essential supplies, whatever your interests, the RLC has a career for you.


The RLC, like the rest of the British Army, receives its Direct Entry Officers from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS) or from promotion through the ranks (Late Entry Officers).

After commissioning from Sandhurst, Direct Entry Officers undertake a 14-week Troop Commanders’ Course at Worthy Down. Having passed the selection board, Late Entry Officers undertake the Late Entry Officers Course at Sandhurst before completing various supplementary courses.

Direct Entry Officers also have the opportunity to put themselves forward to be selected for one of four Professional Technical Courses, leading to professional qualifications.

RLC Reserve

Either as an Officer or as a soldier you will learn the same trade skills as a full-time soldier.

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