Combat Service Support Study Day 5 September 2018

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Combat Service Support Study Day Hosted by 13 Air Assault Support Regiment – Wednesday 5th September 2018

On 5 September, 13 Air Assault Support Regiment (AASR) hosted a Combat Service Support Study Day at the Cpl Budd VC Gymnasium in Colchester for corporate members of the RLC Foundation. The event was very kindly sponsored by Lieutenant Colonel Mark Genko, Commanding Officer, 13 AASR.

The morning session focussed in on how 13 AASR supports 16 Air Assault Brigade with logistic support within an operational theatre. This was demonstrated by using a method called the ‘cone show’. The cone show lays out a visual display of the different echelons within the logistic supply chain whose sole purpose is to support front line fighting troops. The echelons hold stocks of combat supplies, can provide limited equipment repair facilities, provide medical and Provost support. Each of the echelons capabilities were described in detail and each component of the supply chain was demonstrated by role playing soldiers moving between the different echelons to simulate the demand or tasking process.

In the afternoon corporate members has the chance to visit a live demonstration of 13 AASR key capabilities. The REME showcased vehicle and equipment repair facilities explaining how they conduct repair, recovery and maintenance of vehicles within an operational theatre. 47 AD Sqn demonstrated how they supply ground troops with air supply stores and equipment and highlighted the numerous factors to be taken into consideration, when considering resupply by parachute. The Provost demonstrated a prisoner of war camp and explained the complexities when dealing with prisoners of war and working within the rules of the Geneva Convention. A simulated Distribution Point (DP) for resupply of stores and equipment gave an insight into the security problems DP commanders can face when suppling forward operating troops within a narrow timeframe or supply window.

Overall, this was an excellent event and feedback from the RLC Foundation corporate membership has been extremely positive. A big thank you to 13 Air Assault Support Regiment!