Exercise Corporate Panther

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Exercise Corporate Panther

9 Regiment RLC hosted a Leadership Challenge, Exercise CORPORATE PANTHER, for the EY Women’s Network on 4 April 2017. The aim of the exercise was to “test and challenge the participants, both physically and mentally, across a whole range of military disciplines”.

The morning programme involved drill instruction, under the watchful eye of CSM Ward and Cpl Ampadu, followed by a survival skills lesson on how erect ponchos and instruction on the use of the hexamine cooker. This was followed by a superb lunch in the field prepared by RLC chefs.

The afternoon session consisted of a variety of command leadership tasks, which were highly contested by all participants. Instruction was given on the use of the SA80, followed by blank firing at moving targets. To end the afternoon session the EY Women’s Network moved to the clay pigeon range and under the supervision of range staff, fired at clays from 5 different firing points. It was a marvellous end to thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.



In the evening a leadership discussion on ‘women’s issues’ concentrated on the differences and similarities of women operating in a military environment as opposed to working in the commercial sector. After some lively debate on this subject, the EY Women’s Network enjoyed an excellent buffet supper in the Officers’ Mess.

The RLC Foundation is extremely grateful to 9 Regiment for hosting this event and it’s undoubted success continues to cement an even stronger relationship between the Corps and EY for the future. Thank you 9 Regiment!