EY MOD Women’s Network Logistics 101 Masterclass “Women in Logistics”

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EY MOD Women’s Network Logistics 101 Masterclass “Women in Logistics”

On 26 May, the RLC Foundation held the EY MOD Women’s Network Logistics 101 masterclass, hosted by EY at their impressive London headquarters next to Tower Bridge. The theme for the event was “Women in Logistics” with emphasis on the incredible work women have been doing within the military and civilian logistics sector.

EYs’ Director of Aerospace, Defence, Security and Resilience – LK Betteridge and Advisory Director Emma Price opened the event, reinforcing the strong relationship between the EY MOD Women’s Network and the RLC Foundation.

The RLC Foundation Director Alan Woods and WO1(Cdr) Gavin Emmerson gave an overview of the RLC Foundation and highlighted the need to engage with industry to promote professional excellence and personal development with the Corps.


Guy Turner – Executive Director for EY Advisory, Defence and Practice, gave an overview of his varied career and his experience of working within the military supply chain; highlighting the complexities faced by both the military and commercial sector.

Neil Carver and Dominique Perez gave a presentation on supply chain network design, the logistics operating model and logistics tendering. Neil provided an overview of global logistics; with the MOD being one of the largest and most complex supply chain networks across the globe. He drew comparisons between Tesco’s Supply chain and the MOD supply chain which made for interesting analysis and discussion.

After lunch, EY’s Jeremy Forman and Simon Levy gave a presentation on digital disruption, digital operation framework and exploiting multiple new technologies which provided for a lively debate.

There followed a fireside chat headed up by Lt Col Ken Sorungbe and WO1 Kelly Newbound which focused in on ‘Women in Logistics’. Discussions centred on the barriers female soldiers had faced previously whilst serving in the military and, how the Army’s perception has changed over the past decade.

This was an excellent event, thoroughly enjoyed by all attending. Our sincere thanks to the EY team whose continued support at RLC Foundation events is greatly appreciated.