Military Planning Event at Friday Woods Hosted by Air Assault Support Regiment

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Military Planning Event at Friday Woods Hosted by Air Assault Support Regiment

On 26 July 2017 13 Air Assault Support Regiment hosted a Military Planning event at Friday Woods Training Area, Colchester. The RLC Foundation’s corporate members had expressed a strong interest in understanding how the Army goes about analysing its tasks, making decisions and contingency planning. This was an excellent opportunity to see first hand how the military makes decisions and subsequently executes the orders process.

A tactical setting provided the backdrop to an interactive session between the military and our corporate membership. This included a detailed explanation and demonstration of the estimate process (the 7Qs), a look at how an operational headquarters is set up and operates in the field and an explanation of some of the unique challenges faced by military logisticians at all levels. After an initial briefing on an operational scenario corporate members were divided up into syndicates to identify the most dangerous and most likely events that may affect the overall mission, and how they can be handled to mitigate the risk they pose. At the end all syndicates took part in a plenary session which made for a lively debate about the differences and planning parallels between industry and the military. The risks are different, whilst commercial uncertainty threatens business viability and therefore profit; military uncertainty threatens the mission and ultimately lives.

The Chefs of 13 Air Assault Support Regiment showcased their culinary skills and provided an excellent lunch in the field for all delegates.

Early feedback on this Military planning event from our corporate membership has been very positive and it is intended to run a similar event next year. It was evident that 13 Air Assault Support Regiment had put a lot of hard work into making this event the success that it was; the bar has been set high for whichever Regiment delivers the next Military Planning event – any volunteers out there?