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FTX Logistics Ltd

FTX Logistics Ltd (FTX) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kellogg Brown & Root Ltd, part of the KBR group of companies. The company holds a 22.5 year contract to deliver the British Army’s Heavy Equipment Transportation (HET) Service on behalf of Fasttrax Ltd.

FTX employs 85 Sponsored Reservists (SRs) to operate and maintain the service.

What we do

FTX operates and maintains the fleet of 92 Heavy Equipment Transporters (HETs) in partnership with the Regular Army. FTX is tasked in peacetime by the British Army in the UK and Germany to deliver heavy military equipment up to the 72 tonne Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank.

Based at Bulford Barracks, Wiltshire, Transporters move equipment for Exercises and between Units as required. Drivers are assigned from a pool of FTX Sponsored Reservists and Regular Soldiers.

FTX manages and maintains vehicles to DVSA Standards and carries out repairs as necessary.

For Military Operations and Exercises, vehicles and Reservists are handed over to Army Commanders who deploy seamlessly with the Regular Army. FTX then assumes a support role

When Sponsored Reservists are not required to drive and operate the HETs, they take on a civilian role based from home, driving for commercial companies. Revenue generated by the company from selling spare driver capacity benefits the MoD – part of a Private Finance Initiative innovation.

Safety Highlights

FTX has received 5 ROSPA Gold Awards and 3 Gold Medals and has been recognised by the International Safety Council. In 2016 the Princess Royal presented the Carmen’s Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) Safety Award to FTX.

Information on FTX careers is found HERE.