DHL Automation and Digitization Event

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DHL Automation and Digitization Event – Tuesday 28 February 2023

In the most recent RLC Foundation event, DHL Supply Chain kindly sponsored an informative Automation and Digitization event on Tuesday 28 February 2023. Supply chains will continue to modernise to realise efficiencies in the coming years through the careful optimisation of robotics, automated processes and innovative technologies. DHL’s East Midland’s Gateway operation demonstrated how this vision has been made a reality with many automated processes now supported by digitization and integrated systems.

As well as a facility tour, DHL outlined how the logistics industry is responding to external trends, such as:

  1. Increasing customer expectations and service needs – How companies are using software robots, the internet of things and data analytics to streamline logistics processes and increase supply chain visibility.
  2. Labour market challenges – Collaborative robots and warehouse automation are increasingly prevalent in warehouses as they reduce reliance on labour-only solutions and increase the safety of repetitive tasks.
  3. Accelerating pace of technological change – Working with suppliers and partners who are developing digital tools while guarding against the challenges of start-ups at the leading edge of innovation.

Our guest speakers were Jim Hartshorne, Managing Director, DHL Supply Chain, Phil Riley, Vice President of Automation DHL Supply Chain and Simon Woodward, Head of Accelerated Digitalization DHL Supply Chain. We were further complimented from HQ Army by Lt Col Taz Sekhon, Force Development, Interoperability, Innovation, Research & Experimentation and Maj Tom Murphy, Army Futures Military Capability, Combat Service Support.

Over 60 attended this excellent event; our sincere thanks to DHL Supply Chain for hosting and sponsoring this event.