RLC Foundation Women in Logistics Event

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RLC Foundation Women in Logistics Event – Thursday 9 March 2023

On 9 Mar the RLC Foundation hosted a ‘Women in Logistics’ event at Theatre 1, Worthy Down Camp. This event coincided with International Women’s Day on 8 Mar which celebrated the social, economic, cultural and political successes of women worldwide.

This Foundation event had three distinct threads; firstly women who are currently serving in the RLC, secondly women who have previously served in the RLC and left to forge new careers within the commercial sector and thirdly, women who have never served in the RLC and have had solely civilian careers.

We had seven guest speakers in total. From the RLC, Col Debs Taylor Deputy Director ACSC(R), WO1 Susan Keir HQ London District, Maj Jacquie Barlow QM 17 Port & Maritime Regt, Col Mags Miller Army Personnel Services and Col Anna Kimber Comd Log HQ 3rd(UK) Division. Eddie Hutton-Fellows, previously a serving RLC officer and now Logistics Director of the LCST Programme from Leidos and Emma Simpson Director of Simpson Brickwork Construction added an insight to women working in the commercial world. Presentations encompassed the challenges and successes of Women in Logistics, focusing in on both their professional work challenges and also the ‘juggling act’ of managing a family in parallel.

We had 65 attend this event and it was encouraging to see so many young soldier’s in the audience. At the end of the presentation’s we had a lively Question and Answer session, which was enjoyed by all.

My sincere thanks to all our guest speakers for taking time out of their busy day jobs to support this excellent event.