Exercise Log Safari – 15 June 2019

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Exercise Log Safari – 15 June 2019

Exercise Log SAFARI took place on the Pirbright training area on 15 July. This exercise is designed to give Officer Cadets nearing the end of Junior term at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS), Potential Officers pre RMAS and Industry personnel an overview of RLC logistic capability within a tactical field environment. The International Logistic Officers course from the Defence School of Logistics added an international flavour to the attendance list.

There were seven skill stands on display which showcased RLC expertise in Supply and Distribution, Ammunition Technical Services, Food Services, Movement Control Operations, Postal & Courier Operatives, Fuel and Petroleum Operations and Air Despatch.

6 Regiment RLC demonstrated how they provisioned for the supply of commodities and their subsequent resupply to the deployed force within an operational environment. This involved forward movement to our battlefield troops, receipt/issue and storage of vast quantities of combat supplies and technical components and ancillaries within the Supply Chain. Their Chefs demonstrated how a field force kitchen caters for a deployed force on exercise and on operations, utilising fresh rations (when available), with pre-packed dry ration packs to sustain our soldiers. A chef’s ingenuity to provide a substantial meal from next to nothing, is a hallmark of their professional expertise and testament to their initial Trade training. 10 Queens Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment’s Petroleum Operators demonstrated bulk fuel resupply to forward troops and described the different types of equipment they deployed. They demonstrated how they tested different fuels and the measures taken to safeguard against contamination. Movement Controller’s from 29 Regiment RLC highlighted the strategic movement of personnel and equipment into theatre by air, sea and land and the challenges they faced when ensuring MOD compliance with international transport legislation. Movement Controllers are deployed on all military operations and exercises. Postal & Courier Operators from 29 Regiment RLC explained their role on operations; by providing a vital morale link between deployed personnel with loved ones back home in the absence of mobile phones and the internet. As Defence couriers they are also responsible for the movement and care of all Secret, Top Secret and diplomatic correspondence. 11 EOD Regiment gave a practical mock improvised explosive demonstration on the type of incendiary devices they faced on operations and the subsequent counter-measures they deployed to neutralise the threat. One of our Foundation members tried on the protective Bomb Suit – and was suitably relieved when he got out of it! The concluding stand visit was to 47 Air Despatch Sqn RLC who gave a fascinating insight into global air despatch operations as to how they provide air-drops to ground troops within hostile environments and on humanitarian aid operations. RLC Foundation delegates got the opportunity to rig an air despatch item for a mock air-drop. The Air Despatchers were suitably impressed.

A curry lunch in the field on a glorious sunny day was also enjoyed by all 73 RLC Foundation delegates. This has been our biggest attendance yet on Ex Log SAFARI. On behalf of the RLC Foundation ‘a big thank you’ to the CRLO team at RHQ RLC for making it all work.