Pearson attend The Royal Logistic Corps Exercise Log Safari Monday 17th July 2023

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Pearson attend The Royal Logistic Corps Exercise Log Safari Monday 17th July 2023

Author – Michael Groom, Pearson TQ Functional Skills Tutor

At a secret location in the heart of Hampshire near Worthy Down, Barton Stacey actually, I and two colleagues, Kim Bartle and Rachel Chamberlain, embarked on a day of discovery with the Royal Logistic Corps.

Organised by the Royal Logistic Corps Foundation, we had taken the opportunity to find out what the people we teach actually do. We had heard the acronyms and nodded sagely, but, really, we had no idea.

The day was organised with a series of ‘stands’. At each stand a section of the Royal Logistic Corps gave a talk and explained what their units did. The first was an eye-opening talk by bomb disposal, complete with a robot.

We saw ‘Pet Ops’, who deliver petroleum and diesel wherever and whenever and in whatever capacity is needed. We kicked the bullet proof pipes and wondered at the beach balls dropped from helicopters.

Gurkhas explained how they set up landing zones for deliveries and we learnt how goods were dropped from aircraft.

Afterwards we tasted ‘The traditional’ Nepalese curry – which was excellent. We learnt to appreciate the huge logistical challengesand complexities involved in keeping a modern army on the move fully equipped.

Finally, some of us got the chance to ride in the lorries. A bumpy ride, apparently, but fun.

I think the most vivid thing about the day was the professionalism, enthusiasm, and knowledge of all the soldiers who took the time to reply to all our silly questions.

We would thank all involved for a great day that truly put us in the picture and now we can appreciate what it is our Army Apprentices in front of us are involved in day to day.