DHL and Lockheed Martin attend The Royal Logistic Corps Exercise Log Safari Monday 17th July 2023

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DHL and Lockheed Martin attend The Royal Logistic Corps Exercise Log Safari Monday 17th July 2023

Alan Woods RLC Foundation Director outlines the day:
On Monday 17 July 2023, 35 RLC Foundation corporate members enjoyed a day out on Barton Stacey training area with RLC Trade Specialists who showcased their own individual logistic niche capabilities.  We were delighted to welcome, amongst our guests, Fiona Walker from Lockheed Martin UK who have recently joined the Foundation.  Fiona is an ex RLC officer has kindly given us some feedback below on her experience.  Sarah Wilmot, also an ex RLC officer from DHL has also kindly provided feedback.  DHL hosted a highly successful event for us earlier this year and are staunch supporters of the RLC Foundation.

Foundation members with personnel from 13 Air Assault Support Regiment (13AASR) with their WMIK (Weapons Mount Installation Kit) on the Truck Utility Medium (TUM) Landrover.

Fiona Walker, Business Development Manager, Rotary & Mission Systems, Lockheed Martin UK said of the day:
Thanks very much to the RLC and the RLC Foundation for laying on another outstanding Ex Log Safari event. From my time in the Corps I knew that Ex Log Safari would be a fantastic opportunity to see first-hand some of the bespoke and niche capabilities of the RLC and this year was no exception. This was my first time attending since leaving and I felt very proud to have the opportunity to watch the next generation demonstrate their skills and engage so enthusiastically and knowledgably in the follow up discussions. This year’s event provided the chance to tour a range of well thought out stands covering explosive ordnance disposal, air despatch and bulk fuel storage as well as the better-known elements of storage and transportation. We were very well looked after at lunchtime with a fantastic spread provided by the Gurkha chefs who also ran a field demonstration with some unlikely props they had used to create field BBQ’s and ovens etc. The passion and enthusiasm of the junior officers and soldiers as they show cased their knowledge, skills and experience was fabulous and made for a very informative event for all attendees. The added bonus of RLC Foundation events is meeting other companies working in the logistic space and the potential for partnerships and collaboration to fill capability gaps. Going forward I’m look forward to attending many more Foundation events with my new colleagues in Lockheed Martin as it provides a unique opportunity for industry to meet end users of our some of our products and services and is a great reminder of why we need to do the best we possibly can for those who serve.

27 Regiment RLC personnel explaining the) Demountable Rack Offload and Pickup System (DROPS) along with the Pallet Load System (EPLS) which will be based on the 15 tonne MAN Support Vehicle (SV).
The Queens Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment (QOGLR) Chefs explaing the challenges of improvisation of cooking in the field along with the contents and nurtional value MOD 24 hour ration pack just before serving an outstanding 5 Star Nepalese (Gurkha) curry.

Sarah Wilmot, Military Recruitment Manager, DHL Supply Chain UK said of the day:
DHL Supply Chain had the pleasure to attend EX LOG SAFARI, hosted by the RLC Foundation of which we are proud members.  Seeing it as a fantastic opportunity for our Regional Military Champions and Head of Talent Acquisition to gain further insight into some of the many different roles within the RLC we were all thoroughly looking forward to the day and it’s fair to say it did not disappoint!

From Bomb Disposal to Fuel Distribution and Air Dispatch to name but a few, the day was full of passionate personnel ready to talk about their career pathway, their specialised roles, and the equipment that they depend upon.  It was great to hear from ALL ranks too, not just the Officers! Seeing soldiers empowered to address the group, hearing their unique pathways into the British Army and the intense training they undertake was extremely impressive.  Such a great example of mission command and leadership.  Each one of our colleagues took something different away from the day, whether it was the inspiring selection process for the Nepalese Soldiers, the weight (and temperature!) of the bomb disposal suit, the hugely transferable skills of those working in ‘Just in time’ Logistics or the experience of being driven round in some heavy-duty vehicles, the day has had a great impact on us all.

In my role as Military Recruitment Manager within DHL Supply Chain and being a veteran myself, days like these are vital for building understanding and developing our wider resourcing team, allowing them to see first-hand the value that Service Leavers and Veterans bring to our industry and their many transferable skills.

An enormously successful day – thank you.

One of our DHL members decides he prefers to suit up like an Ammunition Technical Officer (ATO).
11 Explosive Ordanace Disposal and Search Regiment RLC (11EOD)explain their role and some of their specilst equipment.
13 Air Assualt Support Regiment RLC (13AASR) Petroleum Operators explained the capabilities for the Air Portable Fuel Container (APFC).